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Using color as the primary design feature, shades of the color white becomes the subject, the medium, and the message.


In this Type Explorations project, experimentation, creativity and unconventional forms were the focus. The chosen color (white) would drive the messages being conveyed, both as object and subject. Research into typical words and phrases linked to the color (“white as snow”, “little white lies”, etc.) would provide inspiration, as well as the opportunity to concept the physical creation of these messages.

Whether hand-formed or digitally created, the photographs in this section detail these unique type experiments. Each concept was refined to find the best way to visually and verbally articulate each phrase.

Type is playfully yet painstakingly represented in such forms as ice cubes and aspirins, feathers and sand.


Type Posters
Housing Box




Type Explorations


Jeremy Stout


Winter 2016

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